⛔ Stop doing software projects. and contribute to Open Source 🤗

Mariano Crosetti
2 min readSep 13, 2022


I merged a Pull Request to github.com/stanfordnlp/stanza and received career advice + a job referral offer from Standford former from just doing this!

Advantages of OSS contributions vs your own projects

✔️ You can figure out how an existing codebase works.
✔️ You can produce code with quality.
✔️ You know the code contribution’s workflow (issue, pull requests, etc).
✔️ You know about testing and testing suites.
✔️ You know how to install the requirements and build a project (make, conda, pip, etc).
✔️ You know how to work with other people.

These skills:
• Are Essentials for contributing daily to programmer work.
• Take time to learn (and many companies can’t pay you while you learn them!).
• Are Developed with practice (generally not shown in a programming course).
❌ Tiny or not popular projects will not prove you have them. ❌

Quick contribution guide

STEP 1: Choose an Issue

  • working with a library and you found an error? It’s an opportunity to fix it!
  • check the issue section of the repositories you are familiar with.
  • check the issue directories like goodfirstissue.dev
Respect the format/template when opening a new use!

STEP 2: Create a PR

  • fork repo + commit to branch + create the PR

More details: github.com/firstcontributions/first-contributions

Remember to run/create tests if needed, respect the commit/PR naming conventions, and use a linter ✔️

STEP 3: Work until merged

You’re going to get feedback and -possibly- make other commits using it

  • Don’t be afraid of doing something wrong!
  • You are contributing to FOSS and people will appreciate that!

More material: www.firsttimersonly.com

Enjoy? find it useful? please spread the voice it can help many to GROW their careers efficiently 📈

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